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Love & Astrology Talk

Probably one of the most important concerns of human experience is that of “Love”. It is the vitamin that nurtures our very soul. The symbol of infinity best describes the love experience. The concept of giving, experiencing, receiving it and then giving it again explains the energy passing through and emanating and evolving into the universe, presenting us with our ultimate goal of “cosmic brotherhood”.

Exactly what can Astrology tell us? Of course it can describe the type of individual we are, how we accept love, how we can give love, how we communicate it, what we will give up for it, how long it will take for a growth acceptance of love and, when we get right down to the nitty gritty, how our sexuality is expressed.

What we are describing in this writing is merely Sun Sign astrology. Once you know  your entire chart you have your entire story. There are many aspects to astrology, i.e., the signs your planets are in, the sign that was coming up on the horizon at your exact moment of birth, house rulerships, and many more indicators.

The following is a general Sun Sign description of the individual’s energies in this current lifetime. To get a better idea of yourself, you might try reading the Sun Sign and the Ascendant and combine them.

Astrology Sun

ARIES:  A cardinal fire sign. In a love relationship, this sign can become most aggressive. Due to the fact that they can also be so impulsive in their energies, the relationship must be immediately satisfying otherwise they will write it off quickly. Self-expression is important as is the physical body or appearance of the other person. They are usually not gentle lovers (unless something else in the chart indicates otherwise) and are quick to get to the point. They are the most competitive sign in the zodiac and ‘MUST WIN.’ If you play hard to get, they will become obsessively fascinated. Be prepared for their arguments and their “me first” attitude.

TAURUS:  A fixed earth sign. Taureans are very magnetic people and quickly draw the opposite sex into their tightly knit webs. They are possessive and look in a partner in a relationship as a possession. Taurus can be very stubborn as well as non-verbal. This can produce a somewhat difficult situation as any partner’s argument will go unheard. Sexually Taurus is somewhat old fashioned. They ignore the sexual details and tend to have little sexual expression. They certainly do not fantasize. They are monogamous and inclined to long-term relationships. They will stay forever to save their earthly and even non-earthly possessions.

GEMINI:  A mutable air sign. In order to have a love relationship with this sign, you must be prepared to communicate. Every thought, action, intention or plan must be verbalized. Gemini can sometimes intellectualize to the extent of inhibiting emotional responses. They are very curious and in sex must have love making fulfill their every fantasy. Their approach to sensuality is light, airy and fun. It lacks the intensity of other signs such as Scorpio. Gemini sees in many directions at the same time, so their looks do not necessarily mean they are fickle, but then again, sometimes they are.

CANCER:  A cardinal water sign. Talk about Scorpio being secretive, Cancer is one of the most protective (and, therefore, secretive) signs. They retreat into their shell, and only after extensive coaxing, will they venture out again. This is how they behave in romance. They have great difficulty expressing their needs openly in a logical way. They will protect their partner but need the security of being protected as well. Sexual difficulties are most likely to occur with this sign more than with any other sign, especially if they have not secured a long-term relationship with someone they really care about. Their lack of communication makes it impossible to achieve closeness. This can lead to personal denial of gratification, which causes a build-up of sexual pressure, and they can become emotionally traumatized. Once established in a secure love relationship, Cancer can be a most loving and faithful partner. Remember, it is not that Cancer is incapable of expressing emotion, it is the fact that there is so much emotion that it is difficult to express it clearly until definite channels of communication have been established. Jealousy, by the way, is natural to a Cancer because of their psychological structures.

LEO:  A fixed fire sign. Warm, playful and protective. This sign does not have any sexual fixations. They are the King and Queen, and they know it. They are dominating and know they must rule over their home. Leo’s pride can cause problems in relationships. Flattery will help coax this creature to do almost anything. Leo likes to feel that he is strong and wants to help others. Since they are fixed and a creature of habit, they are mot interested in specific sexual techniques; perhaps repeating the same experience many times, which could lead to boredom. They can be jealous, but if single again, will not be without a mate for very long.

VIRGO:  A mutable earth sign. Meticulous, analytical and health conscious. Everything has to be just right in love and sex. He’s probably already rated you on a scale of 1 to 10. Be sure your apartment is neat and clean or he will be uncomfortable and never venture back. They choose each word with exactness are always fully aware of what they are saying. Virgo tries not to overlook any detail whether in love or sex and that can make them very exciting. They also have a talent for devising elaborate fantasies, which can lead to hours of pleasure . . . with the right partner. On the other hand, they can become obsessed with details or even become over critical. They need to try avoiding insisting on impossibly high standards. They can make a loved one feel secure and comfortable and will attend to your every need.

LIBRA:  A cardinal air sign. As with the other air signs, a relationship with a Libra is never dull. Libra is constantly trying to improve the relationship. This constant pressure of change, however, can make a relationship somewhat unstable. They love the glamour and romance of love, but the balance of the useful purpose they desire in the relationship cannot always be achieved. Libra is persistent and never needs to worry about getting a shove to get them going. Libra is not a sexually charged sign. The importance of sex to a Libra is merely as a significator of the balance and harmony of the entire relationship. Take them dancing or out to dinner. Remember always to look to other aspects in a chart which could make someone quite different than their Sun Sign description.

SCORPIO:  A fixed water sign. Passion, intensity, sex. If you’ve been looking for an intense person, you’ve found it. However, whether they devote their intensity to you or to their career is another story. This is Miss or Mr. “Perfectionist”. They take either one very seriously, allowing no interference. Scorpio is the sign of smoldering passion rather than carefree sexuality. Anyone with strong Scorpio in their chart has an inclination to hold down inner forces until the pressure is so great they explode. Frequent sexual expression is important to this person’s psychological well being. The magnetism of Scorpio is well beyond the boundaries of description. They can be both possessive and jealous in love. The intensity can best be described by saying they either love or hate . . . there is no in-between.

SAGITTARIUS:  A mutable fire sign. As Sagittarius flits, so does their need for love. They are non-specific and, therefore, does not involve themselves with fantasies. They are spontaneous and friendly. Sometimes too friendly to your best friend or rival. Sag is adventurous, seeking excitement and challenge. They need a partner who has the same desire for spontaneity, travel, adventure, and friends . . . otherwise they will be problems. A negative Sag can be egotistical and self-centered. They allow the other individual to experience internalized concepts of love. Sexually, Sag must have new forms of adventure, or when it’s time to go off to the next escapade . . . they will.

CAPRICORN:  A cardinal earth sign. Respect, success, mastery are all goals that Capricorn alludes to. They can be very loyal and committed in relationships giving much stability. Their fires of love do not burn out quickly. However, if Cappy has too many negative experiences caused by insecurity or too high expectations, they will give up completely on love. Their expression toward sex depends mainly on the other aspects in the chart since they are not a highly sexed sign. They can use sex as a bargaining point for a favor or affection or they can abound with consideration, depending on the individual chart. In any case, Capricorn is considered a very down to earth practical sign.

AQUARIUS:  A fixed air sign. Intellectual, humanitarian, universal friend are all keywords associated with this very eccentric sign. In love, it is very difficult to understand the Aquarian expression. . . thoughtful, friendly or sharing are all signs of it. They are capable of complex intellectual gyrations. Sexuality has a cumulative impact through the building of intimacy, friendship and intellect. In sex, Aquarians are spontaneous, they do not care if the love making takes place in the living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. Since Aquarius rules air travel, you can bet they are a member of the ‘Mile High Club,” or if not, they have probably had interludes involving a romantic attraction during air travel. If you want an exciting, crazy, “not know what to expect next” kind of partner, you have found it in this sign.

PISCES:  A mutable water sign. Loving, giving, and intuitive. These words can best describe this sign. Because of the ethereal quality of the sign, they are not necessarily erotic. Their sexual energy can be lifted to a more platonic level where there may or may not be any physical interaction. When physical sex does enter the picture, then it is a result of established mental and spiritual communication. Pisces can be a sucker for a sob story or given to moodiness or martyrdom which make them easy prey for exploitation. Sexual fantasies are quite common with sensitive Pisces. Difficult aspects could lead to sado-masochistic tendencies which could have a fantasy role in the bedroom. With care, such scenarios can be played out without harm to either partner. If you are a Pisces, try not to idealize to the point where you end up being disappointed.

Author’s Note:  The above are Sun Sign generalizations for each sign and should not be taken as etched in stone without considering the other aspects in your chart. For a full love look at your chart, see your own personal astrologer. Additionally, in order to get a more accurate description of yourself, try reading the sun sign, the ascendant and the moon sign of your chart (if you know it).

Shirley Tabatneck has been a Professional Astrologer for over 40 years. She has studied under some of the top astrologers in the field and taught for the AFA and personal classes for many years. She was also the originator of the Psychic Fairs back in 1976 which were held throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. She published the “Psychic Fair Network News” for over 15 years and is a published author with copyrights on “Sun sign Astrology,” books and records.