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Numerology gives us insight into the lessons of life which we need to master in order to progress to our next phase of growth. Once we have attained the point of balance wherein the lesson is mastered; we have reached a point of complete harmony. This is then called Dharma (different from Karma) . When we have reached this point we are free to enter a new cycle of experience in a higher realm or level of consciousness.

As the tarot says, "As you sow, so shall you reap". This statement is a very simple explanation of Karma. Karma does not mean the same as reincarnation. They are related inasmuch as Karma is the path the soul takes to evolve by absorbing experience from this plane. In successive cycles, the soul incarnates into a personality . . . learns, adds knowledge and wisdom, then retreats for an introspective look on the inner planes. The physical, emotional and mental bodies provide a means through which the soul interacts with the lower planes. This cyucle will repeat itself until the soul finally reaches a point of mastery. At that point, it may no longer incarnate into the physical realm.

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In order to determine your lesson in this life, we look to the missing numbers in the name. This tells us where specific imbalance exists. Each number represents a karmic lesson not learned. In your current lifetime, you have the opportunity to correct or balance this situatation. Using the chart below, assign the correct numberolofical value to each letter.

We are not going into the full numerological breakdown of the name. Now, you need to place a number next to each letter of your name. Example:  Shirley = 1, 8, 9, 9, 3, 5, 7. Add them up to 42 and then that total number is reduced to a 6 by adding 4 and 2 together. You repeat the same process for your middle name (which by the way, represents your mother). Your first name is you and your personality and your surname is the vibration to which your entire family responds. When you add up the total numbers of the first, middle, and last names, then you have a total number which still gets reduced to a single digit to describe your journey through this karmic lesson.

Using the chart below assign the correct numerological value to each letter.


Be sure to note if there are any missing numbers in the name. They may represent the karmic lesson that needs to be learned. Examine them, in some way they need to be used for growth.

1 - In a past life, you could have been over controlling or very dominant over the will of others. This could have led to a lack of concern for others. This lifetime could bring strong willed people into your experience with whom you could have some conflicts to determine and test your own individuality. It is a life for cooperation of wills.

2 - The ability to work harmoniously with others has been lacking. Too much criticism and the impatience is an indication of this lesson. Negative gossip and rumors will be thngs you must deal with in this life. Highly critical and petty people may give you the opportunity to overcome your own negativity and judgment toward others.

3 -  This shows a past life associated with carelessness and concern with living the good life. You could have used creative energy for indulgence rather than a productive direction. You were prone to exaggeration, jealousy and criticism of other people's talents. This lifetime will bring challenges to your self expression and creativity. This time you must learn to appreciate your artistry or work for its fullest expression.

4 - In your past life you have worked very hard, but this has narrowed your vision. You became very fixed and opinionated. You are, therefore, not able to understand others or to be too overbearing with others. This lifetime success and harmony will not come easily, and you will have to work very hard to earn your rewards. You will most likely try many different things before you finally settle down to one.

5 - This shows a past life of irresponsible and carefree living. It shows a 'playboy' type attitude. You would have had difficulty establishing a good personal relationship. Change is inevitable to the point where you had difficulty in staying in one place or at one job long. Sexual indulgences and promiscuity would have been prominent. A disregard for law is also suggested. This life will bring constant change. You will have many diverse pesonalities come into your life which could create confusion. This is a lifetime of learning to accept people as they are and of defining your own standard of conduct based upon your own inner feelings. You must also learn perseverance and when to let go.

6 - A past life showing difficulties with responsibilities and manipulation for your own personal security is indicated. You have not learned the importance of sharing and building relatonships on mutual responsibility. This life will bring lessons involved with a family where there is friction. The possibility of more than one marriage is likely if you are not learning your lesson easily. Family and friends will constantly demand your time and energy. Learn to cooperate and share responsibility and things will fall into place.

7 - Your past life emphasis has been on too many intellectual efforts. You became narrow, opinionated and sarcastic toward people you deemed to be below your level of intelligence. This life will bring you circumstances requiring you to overcome superstitions by building a solid faith. You will learn to integrate your facts and intuition. You will probably study science, metaphysics, psychology and the cosmos. Meditation and introspection will be helpful.

8 - This number represents a lifetime of negative use of power and wealth. You may have been dominant and manipulated others through force or intimidation. Wealth may have been squandered. Your way was the only way. This lifetime will put you into situations which constantly test your authority. You will see the misuse of power and money at the turn of every corner. You will have financial ups and downs. If you value money and power wisely, you could easily become successful. There is a need to balance between leadership and bossiness.

9 - In your past life, you may easily have slipped into idealism and dreaming . . . never able to produce a tangible contribution, Any creativity may have been dissipated by nervous tension and lack of direction. You could have been over romantic in personal relationships which allowed you to be used by others. Ths lifetime will bring you many traumatic situations which put you under stress. Relationship, job and health problems will cause grief forcing you to turn to the soul for understanding. You will benefit from working with groups or in areas of research or metaphysical instruction,

If you have any missing numbers, it does not mean you are finished with incarnating into karmic situation. It may simply mean that you have entered a Dharmic lifetime where you have the opportunity to choose (from within) just how to proceed. If you don't handle it right, you could create imbalance and return again to deal with missing numbers. Zero karma, however, is a plus for someone who realizes it. It is a plateau of one's evaluation where you have to consciously make a choice of how to proceed. There is little push from within because you have no missing numbers to give you impetus. You could go in a wrong or uncontrolled direction. If your chart is otherwise unbalanced, with no numbers missing, and if this life is handled well it could very well be the last incarnation.