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The Tales of the Planets

PISCES: Brighter days are ahead. After the 1st of April, you will find more time for yourself. A Pisces has been known to shed a tear or two being the great "escape artist" of the Zodiac. However, you have shed more than your share. Your friends will not be in as much need of you. You won't be running all over the place. You will have some time to stay home and meditate or concentrate on spiritual leanings. You are psychic most of the time, but lately, it has been more intense.

ARIES: You are coming into a very special time. When your planet Mars, and your sign, Aries, is highest in the sky; that is when you shine. There may be some special someone planning a secret for you. Around the first day of Spring, emotions will run high with those around you. Be careful, because you can be a bit blunt at times. In the meantime, have fun with the opposite sex and/or sports. Love can be in the cards for you after the 1st of May.

TAURUS: Money, money, money!! Just what Taurus likes most. Although a Taurus can have love affairs well into their elder years, right now the green stuff is on your mind. May and June can bring more of that "green stuff" you like so much. You have positive aspects for the rest of the year while others look aghast at your good times. Be careful of a good thing! Sometimes it can be weight gain.

GEMINI: What a great sign. They can talk your ears, eyes and nose off. They have been having a bit of a rough time lately. Not horrible, but just enough to get you on the phone for 2 or 3 hours. Some of you born in the middle of the sign are being opposed by Saturn which brings some tough times and can stifle you in business and make you feel a little punky. Also, beware around the Mar. 22nd date, this is a time that emotions will cause some problem.

CANCER: Well, "Hello Momma". And you truly are the Mother of the Zodiac. You love your little ones. Feeling like those hunches are coming true too often for your comfort, your psychic button has been pushed. Watch your weight. Too many planets have been aspecting you. Your brain, body and intuitive self have been agitated. You "feel" someone has not been telling you the truth. They probably have not been. All in all, those of you born around the middle of the sign are experiencing a transformation in their life, and those of you born in the end of the sign have that transformation yet to come.

LEO: Many great people and many actors and actresses have some Leo in their charts. If it is not their Sun sign, then it is Venus, Mars, Mercury or their Ascendant. You are in for some lavish affair. You are also feeling that life is just not exciting enough for you and so, you will make it more exciting. Take a trip, go on a cruise, find a new friend (male or female) we don't care! We just don't see any stopping you now.

VIRGO: Well, we thought you were that nice quiet, mercurial type. You're not? Okay. You do have a lot of activity happening in the next 2 to 3 months. Love relationships, job changes, friends making changes in their lives and wanting your help. After all, you are the sign that represents service. If you are born around the 6th of Sept. you have some stress around you. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your eating and exercising habits.

LIBRA: Marry me! Of course! You are truly the sign that is forever in love. You like all those nice things: music, art, dancing, and beauty. Well, those of you who have your birth date from the 9th of the month on will probably be experiencing sudden unexpected changes. Could be a move, separation from someone such as a friend, family member, etc. But, the flirty side of you will sustain other relationships.

SCORPIO: The worst is over. If it is still happening, then you can blame it on one of your other planets. But, it will not last long. Most of you should be having a pretty stable, easy flowing life. Love life and job situations should be moving along nicely. Your future looks bright and without major events. Creative activities such as art, music, dance, spiritual pursuits, yoga, meditation are all very good for you at this time. 

SAG: Well, I can't say you have been having it easy. With both Saturn and Mars in your sign, you have either had them hit you already, they are hitting you now, or they will hit you. Either way, you are still reeling from them. Pay attention to job and family. This is also a time when you could be making a move. Maybe not only to another dwelling, but it could be to another part of the country. You do like rural areas and travel. Why not take a chance?

CAPRICORN: Staid, traditional and business-oriented. You are also going through a period when your life is in upheaval. Some of you have already straightened it out. Some of you have retired. Some of you have changed careers. Whatever it is, if it has to do with business, that is what you were put in this world for. You are also the Matriarch or the Patriarch of the family. You need to help everyone in your family. You will get where you are going, regardless of obstacles.

AQUARIUS: You may be the water-bearer, but you are an air sign. Air signs are usually a little detached. They are mental signs and the only one who can come close to beating them at mental games is Virgo because they are also a mental sign. Well, as long as you don't have any of the other signs in your chart (which of course we know you do), you will just slide along in life right now. Remember, you are the sign of the future, the inventor, friendship and humanitarianism. You have a bunch of good months coming to you. Use them wisely.

Written by: Shirley Ann Tabatneck, MAFA
Shirley is a Professional Astrologer, Member and Teacher of the National Federation of Astrologers. She has 13 copyrights including 12 on Sun Sign Astrology and 1 textbook on "The Effects of Gamma Radiation". She can be contacted by going on our website: Psyhicfairnetwork.com.